A Slow Motion Win: My Review on Flame Bearers Podcast About Caster Semenya.

I recently listened to the Flame Bearers' podcast about Caster Semenya. Caster is an acclaimed and world-renowned track and field athlete who has won numerous medals in Olympic competitions. This episode, narrated by Jamie Mittleman delved deep into Caster's background, her accomplishments in sports, and the challenges/backlash faced based on her natural testosterone levels.

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A Cool Sunday at the Beach

As someone who lives very close to the beach its one of my least visited places. Yes, I’m working on improving this area, lol. After I went grocery shopping, which has been my hangout spot since March 2020 I decided to stop by the boardwalk/beach. There’s something about being at the beach that’s so invigorating…

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Whine Vs. Wine Tournament

*This post is humorous in nature and does not reflect my actual parenting skills or wine consumption. If you or someone you know needs support for alcohol use, feel free to check out https://www.alcohol.org/treatment/hotline/ or call 866-842-8161* So let the Tournament begin…Here are the matchups! WHINE WINE I ONLY WANT MY SIBLINGS TOYS             RIESLING DOING…

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Nanny’s Garden

Today (October 30th) would’ve been my grandmother’s (who I fondly called Nanny) 91st birthday. Nanny heartbreakingly passed away just shy of her 89th birthday on what would be the most painful day for my entire family, a community and for the generations to come. In addition to my mother and father, Nanny was definitely instrumental…

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