Hot Coffee for the WIN!

I joined the coffee drinking world several years ago after my first child was born. Prior to this momentous occasion I could not tolerate the smell or taste of anything coffee related. Lack of sleep became part of my routine and so I turned to the caffeinated savior aka coffee. I recall having to phone a friend while at a Dunkin to ask how to order my first coffee…light and sweet is what she told me.

Fast forward to the addition of toddler twins and coffee has been my EVERYTHING! One of the major issues is that I can barely ever finish a mug of HOT coffee at home. Between homeschooling, teleworking and the toddlers, my fresh brewed home coffee is often neglected (insert sad face). By the time I get back to the mug it’s gone from steaming and sweating to shivering cold. So I reheat my coffee to only repeat this sad cycle until I deem the creamer too old for ingestion.

Yes, I like iced coffee but I my goal is to make a hot mug of coffee and finish the coffee while it’s still on the hotter side of warm. Please root for me!


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Hello and welcome to Mommy Scoreboard. It’s been several years but I remember starting my college application essay with the sentence, “You can always find me with a pen in one hand a basketball in the other.” I enjoy writing but the sport of basketball has been my ultimate joy. Fast forward and now I am the proud parent of three children, a happily married woman and an accomplished recreational basketball player. If I had to update my essay sentence it would read, “You can always find me with a pen, a basketball, a kid or two, a mobile device, a skillet, random toy part, a sippy cup, baby wipes, hand sanitizer and face masks in my hands”…WOW, have times gotten better!

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