Home Alone – The Mom Edition!

O…M…G!!! I’m finally home alone. All my children and spouse went out of the house together, without ME!!!!! This never happens, especially since March 2020. I telework, homeschool and operate a daycare while my main (pseudo) social activity is grocery shopping.

So what happens next? Do I take a nap, blast my music, play NBA2K, pop bottles, do uninterrupted house chores, order takeout? I’m not use to this and I need some guidance and tips, lol.

Let me end this post before they get back and all of my alone time was spent thinking about what to do. Cheers ๐Ÿฅ‚!


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Hello and welcome to Mommy Scoreboard. It’s been several years but I remember starting my college application essay with the sentence, “You can always find me with a pen in one hand a basketball in the other.” I enjoy writing but the sport of basketball has been my ultimate joy. Fast forward and now I am the proud parent of three children, a happily married woman and an accomplished recreational basketball player. If I had to update my essay sentence it would read, “You can always find me with a pen, a basketball, a kid or two, a mobile device, a skillet, random toy part, a sippy cup, baby wipes, hand sanitizer and face masks in my hands”…WOW, have times gotten better!

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  1. You forgot โ€œwalk around naked, take a long bath, call some girlfriends.โ€ I say blast music, pop bottles, order takeout and nap…. in that order. Congratulations on some alone time, I hope thereโ€™s more in your future, so what did you do?

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    • Lol, thanks. I was able to watch a whole 20 minutes of a movie, have a snack, put their toys away and order takeout. They arrived back home the same time the food got here. Next home alone time I’ll be better prepared ๐Ÿ˜†.


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