A Cool Sunday at the Beach

As someone who lives very close to the beach its one of my least visited places. Yes, I’m working on improving this area, lol. After I went grocery shopping, which has been my hangout spot since March 2020 I decided to stop by the boardwalk/beach. There’s something about being at the beach that’s so invigorating and energizing. I really enjoyed the cool breeze, the calming waves and the chirping birds. Many people were jogging, riding their bikes and also sightseeing. The amount of relaxation and joy that I felt was overwhelmingly AmaZing. So yes, I will go back to the beach and next time I’ll take my notebook and pen 🤗.

How are you enjoying your Sunday?

Here is my IG video https://www.instagram.com/p/CILyc2IjW56/?igshid=1o7umkvakubg3

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Hello and welcome to Mommy Scoreboard. It’s been several years but I remember starting my college application essay with the sentence, “You can always find me with a pen in one hand a basketball in the other.” I enjoy writing but the sport of basketball has been my ultimate joy. Fast forward and now I am the proud parent of three children, a happily married woman and an accomplished recreational basketball player. If I had to update my essay sentence it would read, “You can always find me with a pen, a basketball, a kid or two, a mobile device, a skillet, random toy part, a sippy cup, baby wipes, hand sanitizer and face masks in my hands”…WOW, have times gotten better!

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