Back to Basics: My 5 Fundamental Self-care Tips

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic many businesses & schools closed, social distancing is in full effect and limited in-person gatherings have us focusing more on meeting our basic/core needs as identified in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Those needs include (but are not limited to) food, shelter, water, health, rest, security and safety.  Who remembers the toilet paper 🧻 shortage???

The uncertainty of the pandemic also places a greater emphasis on the need for self-care. The stress of it all can be overwhelming at times. I knew I had to prioritize my mental health and wellness in new ways. My basketball playing background has taught me that when there is a skill that needs to be sharpened, you go back to the basics and fundamentals for guidance and direction. I took this concept and applied it to my self-care practices. To this end, I crafted the idea to focus on my 5 senses.

The concept of our 5 senses was taught & learned in grade school and you can recite them easily. As adults we have taught the children in our lives all about sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Below you’ll find my tips and examples I’ve implemented in my self-care gameplan.

1. Sight – Carving out time to take walks outdoors and reconnecting with nature has a rejuvenating element. Additionally, watching a comedy show, reviewing photographs and FaceTime with friends/family members are also ways to boost your mood, health and outlook.

2. Sound- Music is a huge part of my world. I have playlists for relaxing, dancing, cleaning, driving, crying, exercising and so on. Music can easily transport me to a happy place and shift my mindset to a more positive space. I’ve also connected with friends and colleagues to explore new artists and music genres.

3. Smell – I recall how much my Grandmother liked the smell of lavender. Now when I use lavender scented oils and body cream it reminds me of her and exudes a calming effect. Using the scents of eucalyptus, mint, chamomile or others associated with reducing anxiety after a shower/bath, in a oil diffuser or in a hot cup of tea works wonders.

4. Taste – Thankfully I know my way around the kitchen but after months of making my go to dishes I needed new ideas. I purchased a few cookbooks to experiment/make new dishes for my family. I utilized ingredients new to us and expanded my palate and stimulated my taste buds. Now we look forward to cooking together.

5. Touch – My children give plenty of hugs, eye pokes and unintentional nighttime kicks; however, the touch I’m referring to here can come from a cozy robe or blanket that cuddles and hugs you back. I enjoy unwinding on the couch with a fluffy blanket and glass of wine. This category can also include a spouse, partner or friend 👀‼️

From my perspective, focusing on one’s senses as it relates to self-care is a beneficial tool. Feel free to navigate your senses through stimulation, exploration, rejuvenation, experimentation and relaxation. Please share some of self-care tips.

The sixth sense…we’ll save this for a future post, lol.



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Hello and welcome to Mommy Scoreboard. It’s been several years but I remember starting my college application essay with the sentence, “You can always find me with a pen in one hand a basketball in the other.” I enjoy writing but the sport of basketball has been my ultimate joy. Fast forward and now I am the proud parent of three children, a happily married woman and an accomplished recreational basketball player. If I had to update my essay sentence it would read, “You can always find me with a pen, a basketball, a kid or two, a mobile device, a skillet, random toy part, a sippy cup, baby wipes, hand sanitizer and face masks in my hands”…WOW, have times gotten better!

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