Sneakers for the WIN – Top 5 reasons I Rock with ROCKDEEP

*Disclaimer: I’m not an employee, affiliate, friend, or family member of the ROCKDEEP company. This is not a sponsored ad. I’m a loyal and enthusiastic customer. This information is solely based on my personal experience.

I love sneakers!!! I have quite a sneaker collection ranging from athletic (basketball) to casual to running in various colors and styles. I came across the ROCKDEEP company in Fall 2020 when another Black owned sneaker company referenced them.

Since placing my first order for a pair of orange RAX Shark. I have been a fan. Presently I have 15+ pairs of ROCKDEEP sneakers & slides and have another 7 sneakers in pre-order. I wear my ROCKDEEP sneakers with a sense of pride knowing it’s the vision and work of a Black entrepreneur. It’s a visual representation of what I can also manifest and accomplish as a small business owner.

A few of my ROCKDEEP sneakers

Check out the website and download the app to see 👀 for yourself.

Here are the top 5 reasons I rock with ROCKDEEP:

1. Sneaker Storyline: The owner, Rocky tells a story with the names and designs of his footwear. Some of them include, Mother Africa, Black Eternal, Mansa Musa Negus, Sojourner, Orisha Shango and, Capitoline Wolf. Having read the product descriptions, when people ask what I’m wearing I can pass along the story. By the way, I’m often asked about the sneakers I’m wearing.

2. Fit and Comfort: Being an athlete and parent of young children, I spend lots of time on the go and on my feet. My Black Eternals have done my feet well at amusement parks, apple picking and children’s birthday parties. My RAX Sharks are lightweight and great for running errands. I love the ability to slip them on and keep it moving. My DAYLYT – Mansa Returns and Mansa Burning Sands took some time to break in but overall the comfort is clutch!

3. Customer Service: As a company ROCKDEEP goes all out to ensure customers have a great experience. I’ve had several correspondences with the CS team and they’ve been responsive, professional and apologetic with shipping delays; even added in an additional discount 😉. Now when it comes to trolls and disrespect, Rocky has a special way of handling those people, lol.

4. Community & Engagement: Rocky often goes live on social media and his app to discuss product updates, new releases and chat with the ROCKDEEP crew/supporters. He openly drops gems on running a business, investing in one’s community and supporting other entrepreneurs. The Friday after dark live sessions are also hilarious!

5. Points & Perks: I’m all about a good sale and discount code. Rocky spoils his customers a bit with the deals and we know it. With each purchase you can earn points. These points are as good as cash. For those who spend $1,000 there is a special bonus. Additionally, the ROCKDEEP memberships recently launched that will further enhance the customer experience with exclusive drops and FREE sneakers (check the ROCKDEEP website and social media pages for more details).

My ROCKDEEP Mother Africa sneakers

As stated on the ROCKDEEP website, “ROCKDEEP is not solely dedicated to selling footwear and apparel, but providing sincere customer service and an experience. Our main goal is to provide quality, functional, stylish products at an affordable price point.” From my experience, ROCKDEEP walks it like they talk it!

My ROCKDEEP Black Eternal sneakers

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