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2020 Vision – Reimagined & Refocused

Exactly one year ago (11/22/2019) I gave a presentation at work on 2020 Vision: Clear and Sharp Goal Setting. I was inspired by Auntie Oprah who was preparing a tour focused on transformation and triumph for the upcoming year.

Although we are in November, 2020 and its lasting impacts are far from over. How are you staying energized, connected and empowered about the things that matter most to you?

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Staying Charged🔋Up!

I came across the featured image and it spoke to me. 1. How many of us 🙋🏽‍♀️ ensure our mobile phone is charged and ready for optimal use? 2. Do you leave home without a charger? 3. Do you have a car charger or portable power bank on standby? 4. Do you use the power…

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Home Alone – The Mom Edition!

O…M…G!!! I’m finally home alone. All my children and spouse went out of the house together, without ME!!!!! This never happens, especially since March 2020. I telework, homeschool and operate a daycare while my main (pseudo) social activity is grocery shopping. So what happens next? Do I take a nap, blast my music, play NBA2K,…

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Whine Vs. Wine Tournament

*This post is humorous in nature and does not reflect my actual parenting skills or wine consumption. If you or someone you know needs support for alcohol use, feel free to check out or call 866-842-8161* So let the Tournament begin…Here are the matchups! WHINE WINE I ONLY WANT MY SIBLINGS TOYS             RIESLING DOING…

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Time out, Ref!

In sports timeouts are key! It allows the athletes to rest, regroup, refocus, reflect and refuel. New strategies are implemented, the momentum can shift, and substitutions made. (Fans can also take a quick bathroom break or grab some snacks). Wow, this sport aka parenting is fast paced, physical, intense, unpredictable, yet oh so rewarding. As…

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Nanny’s Garden

Today (October 30th) would’ve been my grandmother’s (who I fondly called Nanny) 91st birthday. Nanny heartbreakingly passed away just shy of her 89th birthday on what would be the most painful day for my entire family, a community and for the generations to come. In addition to my mother and father, Nanny was definitely instrumental…

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The Real Workout!

Thought of the day… How come my back hurts more now than when I actually worked out in a gym? Perhaps from lifting 50+ pounds toddler twins, crawling on the floor as a dinosaur or random farm animal, carrying 11 pounds of laundry up and down the stairs, washing every children’s colorful plate, cup, and…

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