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Cheering for your NOW 👏🏾!

Do you remember when you wanted what you currently have? Take a moment, ok several moments to cheer for yourself, for accomplishing your goals and for being still in the present time. You did THAT!!! That proud feeling, that smile, that high five is everything you deserve. How often do we plan our goals &…

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2020 Vision – Reimagined & Refocused

Exactly one year ago (11/22/2019) I gave a presentation at work on 2020 Vision: Clear and Sharp Goal Setting. I was inspired by Auntie Oprah who was preparing a tour focused on transformation and triumph for the upcoming year.

Although we are in November, 2020 and its lasting impacts are far from over. How are you staying energized, connected and empowered about the things that matter most to you?

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