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Nanny’s Garden

Today (October 30th) would’ve been my grandmother’s (who I fondly called Nanny) 91st birthday. Nanny heartbreakingly passed away just shy of her 89th birthday on what would be the most painful day for my entire family, a community and for the generations to come. In addition to my mother and father, Nanny was definitely instrumental…

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The Real Workout!

Thought of the day‚Ķ How come my back hurts more now than when I actually worked out in a gym? Perhaps from lifting 50+ pounds toddler twins, crawling on the floor as a dinosaur or random farm animal, carrying 11 pounds of laundry up and down the stairs, washing every children’s colorful plate, cup, and…

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Hot Coffee for the WIN!

I joined the coffee drinking world several years ago after my first child was born. Prior to this momentous occasion I could not tolerate the smell or taste of anything coffee related. Lack of sleep became part of my routine and so I turned to the caffeinated savior aka coffee. I recall having to phone…

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