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A Slow Motion Win: My Review on Flame Bearers Podcast About Caster Semenya.

I recently listened to the Flame Bearers' podcast about Caster Semenya. Caster is an acclaimed and world-renowned track and field athlete who has won numerous medals in Olympic competitions. This episode, narrated by Jamie Mittleman delved deep into Caster's background, her accomplishments in sports, and the challenges/backlash faced based on her natural testosterone levels.

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Why I stopped cheating myself!?!

One of my biggest pet peeves is cheating. I’m not fond of cheaters on or off the basketball court. I teach my children about sportsmanship, integrity and respect for the competition. Yet, here I was cheating myself left and right. (Insert Sigh) It took months of being home and adjusting to the uncertainty of times…

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Hot Coffee for the WIN!

I joined the coffee drinking world several years ago after my first child was born. Prior to this momentous occasion I could not tolerate the smell or taste of anything coffee related. Lack of sleep became part of my routine and so I turned to the caffeinated savior aka coffee. I recall having to phone…

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Welcome to Mommy Scoreboard

Here we go! My name is Quiana but feel free to call me Q as many of my basketball buddies do. As a parent of three wonderful children (1 school age and toddler twins), a highly skilled (recreational) basketball player, a full-time (currently teleworking) employee, a phenomenal friend and so on, my scoreboard runneth over.…

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